About Us

About Us

HorseBeatt is your A to Z about horses, so welcome – Let’s Horse Around Together!

We are the heartbeat of the horse industry worldwide. We aim to provide horse riders & lovers some special and unique news straight from the horse industry, and from all over the world.

We feature everything you ever wanted to know about horses – horse training hacks, horse race, sports betting, and other major events of national and world character.

Who we are?

We are a group of people who have been fascinated about horses ever since early childhood, ever since many of us saw a horse for the first time on a TV, in a movie or a cartoon. We were able to recognize something very special about the energy, the eyes, the elegant galloping of these loving animals. Almost all of us are able to feel an immediate bond to every horse we come across or ride. It’s a feeling like you can almost speak with them… and we suppose – we share this feeling with all of you who have come across here at HorseBeatt!

What we do?

We are growing a lively and vibrant community for each and every person on this lovely planet that got to share some love and passion for horses. We are here to create a space where everybody could learn something new about horses, horse care, nationwide or worldwide events on horses, rodeo, barrel racing, horse racing, dressage to equestrian and much more than that. If not interested in any of that, you can still search through information on best dude ranches you can have a holiday across the States, or simply laugh out loud at some funny horses video that we have it featured.

Can else do we offer at HorseBeatt?

At Horsebeatt, we offer you a place where you can learn about the best practices to take care of your horse and its health, a community of horse riders and lovers with whom you can connect & befriend, a place where you can stay up to date on all horse related news from around the globe.

Can I join HorseBeatt?

You are more than welcome to join this community and be part of the core team of contributors. Check out this link here. We will be excited to have you on board!

Now, Let’s Horse Around! Start HERE – check what’s trending at the moment on our webpage!