Beginners Guide to Horse Racing and Betting

Beginners Guide to Horse Racing and Betting


Love horse racing and betting, but not aware of all tips and tricks? Can’t tell your fillies from your colts,  your bays from your greys or your bumpers from your jumpers? No worries, you have arrived at the right place! Here you can start to familiarize with horse riding and betting at once!


For as long as people happen to be able to tame these great, it is likely that there has been racing with horses, and even some betting. Signs definitely points to the early Greeks racing as much as back as 700 BC.

Horse racing as we know today have actually started bit later. When King James I took the thrown, he fancied horse racing and the “Sports of Kings” was born. It grew popular quite fast.

Many of the large horse races known today originated in the 1700’s, a period when the sport and horse breeding itself became more efficiently controlled.

Horse racing in Ireland and the United Kingdom was then divided into two different branches. The first that is, flat racing, is not complex: horse racing begins as all the horses start to run from a straight line, and round a curved path. Whichever horse goes past the post first, is the victor. Bit more complex horse racing is the second, National Hunt racing. It is not for jockeys, and the horses face obstructions that must be taken cared of on the way round the track.

National Hunt racing is split into two principal groups: steeplechases and hurdle. Not so common there are also the “fenders”. The difference between are that in the first, horses must leap fences which can be more sound and higher, as opposed to the former, or the hurdles in the hurdle races. Steeplechases frequently likewise incorporate water jumps and open ditches, adding only a little more risk, or delight – depending whether you are riding, seeing or betting.

Categorizations of Horse Races

In both flat and National Hunt, races also go down categorized in terms of expertise, by the age of the horses, and the space over.

In handicaps, an official from the Jockey Club sets weight criteria in regards that each  horse must carry in that race, in order to provide a decent spectacle with close and exciting races. In overall, the better the horse, the greater weight it must carry.

Wagering on Horse Racing

For many – maybe most – lovers of horse racing, horse betting is the big ball of it. The gambling component brings a special delight when it comes to horse racing and betting.

Not always, but most likely if you are a beginner to horse racing, you are beginner for horse betting as well. In brief, you have to get a handle on the likelihood, most often shown as fractions if you come from the UK. Or you can start by getting some good books that can boost your knowledge and expertise. For instance, check out The Complete Handicapper edition to familiarize more with horse racing and betting in handicaps category.

However, for horse betting, you can have each way bets. You can go for putting two bets: one for which horse is to win the race, and another that will tell which place the horse will get.

There are also many other ways for horse betting. It could be calling the right sequence for the first two or three placed horses to finish the horse. Or, it could be multiple choices from different races to Totepool wagers accessible horse racing. It is certainly vital that you comprehend the kind of wager you are putting before the race.

Picking a Winner

Easier said than done, or we be loaded and the bookies all would be broke. There are so many variables to consider when deciding a possible winner from the racing horses: form, pedigree, trainer, jockey, whether the horse enjoys the present climate conditions, what weight the horse is given in a handicap, whether their chances have moved considerably… and these are just a few out of the many many more.

Naturally, if you do not see examining the stats and the type for long periods of time, do not even put the least effort and money on horse betting. It takes some time to be in the game of horse racing and betting, so start observing and learning. Hence, here is another book that could help you get familiar with some new strategies for racetrack betting.