This Horse Is All of Us in the Morning

This Horse Is All of Us in the Morning

This Horse is All of Us in the Morning -

Source: Facebook/Mark N Kelley

Ever have one of those days as a child when your mother would keep calling for you to get up for school and you were like, “Nooooooo?”

This horse understands your pain. Pinto, a lovely horse, just do not wish to get up from his comfy place on the ground, even after his owner keeps shouting at him to do that. In fact, Pinto knows to “play dead”, and fairly plays dead quite often.
PintoHorse-400x242.jpgAccording to an ABC affiliate, a girl from Texas went out to check out Pinto, after an electrical contractor who was working on the lot told the owners he had seen a dead horse. But of course Pinto was playing his game again. The owners then told the worker that Pinto loves to play dead on quite a regular basis.

In the Facebook posted video that has gone viral, and that we share with you below, you could hear the girl saying, “Why do you keep playing dead?” Then Pinto lets out a tremendous grunt, which much sound like a “Noooooo!”

The girl insists that he wake up, and at one point even tosses a dirt clump at the horse. No matter what, each time he just replies to her (in horse) with, “Naah.”

The girl cries at Pinto that they are embarrassed by him in front of the neighbors, but Pinto actually doesn’t care.

The video really went viral with fantastic 38 million views!

The girl eventually manages to poke him ‘successfully’, as later on he rolls over and unwillingly gets up.

However, kudos to Pinto, for the effort he makes in this conflict!