This Island Has More Miniature Ponies Than Humans

This Island Has More Miniature Ponies Than Humans


If you should be fed up with everything, and particularly people, and seriously require a little bit of miracle that you could experience, we’ve got the next best vacation for you – and that is the small Island of Foula in England, that has more story miniature ponies than real people living on it. Seems like a heaven, right?

Foula is off the Scotland’s coastline. It has a countless numbers of small ponies, and only 30 people who would await your arrival… Foulda is part of the Shetland Islands area. Miniature ponies have been stored there since a very long time ago. This is the dome of Shetland horses, and it’s a type famous all over the world.

The horses have quick thighs, large jackets, and therefore are deemed smart. Miniature Shetland ponies have actually been educated as manual horses so they could consider exactly the same role. Aside, they are amazingly, incredibly, awfully adorable!

If you wish to take a journey to Foula, England, and see the miniature ponies, you will have to use a ferry or access it an airplane. The routes are not very frequent, hence you cannot plan your journey ad hoc, but have it all planned much earlier.

You could also hire a little pad or perhaps a space in the nearby T&W bungalow once you place your foot at the island. Subsequently, you will find the the whole island of staggering beauty, a blend of spectacular sights, abundant wildlife, beautiful cliffs and the Old Norse tradition.

You may also discover the shoreline, search chickens and killer sharks or, whenever you feel lonely, enjoy a discussion with some of the 30 tenants of this beautiful island.

Welcome to the enchanting island of Foula, England! There is one thing that is very unique about it…

this-island-has-more-miniature-ponies-than-humans1It’s bit hard to believe that such beautiful island could only have 30 human residents only…


…but there are over 1500 fairy tale-like miniature ponies that await your arrival!


Foula, the Miniature Ponies Island is actually home of this special breed, the Shetland ponies, who are small, intelligent and super cute!


Miniature Shetlands ponies have even been trained as guide horses. That equals to the same role of guide dogs.


Horse lovers will just love it! Just imagine the gaze of being surrounded by 1500 of these. It’s cuteness overload, and yes, we know that you are already packing your luggage!

photo credits: Jeff J Mitchell