This Orange Cat Won’t Give Up Until It Rides Every Horse On...

This Orange Cat Won’t Give Up Until It Rides Every Horse On The Farm

This Orange Cat Wont Give Up Until It Rides Every Horse On The Farm, horsebeatt

Today is a day for looking at a cunning cat riding a group of small ponies that are adorable. Fortunately, this exists!! The people at Snowfall Ranch have been documenting the existence of their marmalade kitten, Teton, since 2014, hence we can really follow up some delightful updates. Here’s their statement on the cat’s spirit:

Teton … never will there be another… He is a cat that is simply one of a kind. Tough as nails, runs the entire barn and takes no prisoners. He rides on the back of the miniature horses, bullies the goats and then has the nerve to curl up and sleep with them at night … he is the BOSS cat around here.

Now you realize not only what you are looking at, but who you are looking at: a warrior cat, who rides ponies into the sunset, kicking ass and taking names.

980x-3Snowfall Ranch

But look at him when he was a wittle baby:

980x-2Snowfall Ranch

There are some more lower quality pics of infant Teton becoming comfortable in the saddle. Mobile camera quality has evolved so much in two years:

kitten2Snowfall Ranch

Like, a lot.

kittenSnowfall Ranch

Teton’s owner, Joanna Shaw, says that Teton may not be conscious he is technically “riding” anyone. She told The Dodo, “He tends to ride them more in snow with the belief being he doesn’t want to get paws wet.”

980xSnowfall Ranch

That adorable opportunist! She did include that Teton often follows them to the pasture only to hang, so perhaps there’s some genuine fondness there. So long as he can hitch a ride, obviously.

980x-1Snowfall Ranch

Ahh, thank you for that refreshing dose of animal that is improbable camaraderie. I feel like I can face the remaining part of the week. Or at least live until 5pm. [h/t The Dodo]